Enjoy a group Consultation with me on Sundays

By use of pendulum divination, a technique that is over two hundred years old, I am able to help you better receive the answers to your questions.Stop by BrewWise and learn new meditation techniques and receive some heartfelt guidance along the way.

For a personal consultation you can contact me on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2ykCCF7

Wishing you love, light, peace and happiness.


Make a donation to receive answers to your questions during Sunday’s live chat.

Group Consultations are Sundays on BrewWise When you make a donation please be sure to include your name and yes/no question.

The Gratitude Reading is a one card tarot reading, great way to start the week to see what lies ahead, but If you need clarification with a particular situation, I recommend the Past, Present, Future reading, it is a 3 card tarot spread, it will provide you with helpful insight.

My Karmic Debt readings are designed to give you a better understanding about your past life and where you may be headed.


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