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art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

Welcome to LeverWise eLearning Art Academy (LEAA), self-paced, web-based art classes that emphasize the combined usage of visual and kinesthetic learning.


Although art is offered in traditional education, LeverWise eLearning Art Academy focuses on a specific curriculum that represents a more comprehensive approach to art education compared to what is currently provided. Children are often visual learners and benefit immensely from the presentation of art as a vehicle for learning in all disciplines such as language arts, social studies and math, as well as for self-expression. Art can be utilized to provide learning opportunities to visual learners, but visual learning alone cannot develop the necessary social and verbal skills.


Conservation, Deforestation and Infectious Diseases
Standards: Social Studies                                                                      Grades 4 – 6

An eight week course where students will examine the artistic characteristics of a painting and discuss the meaning and significance of conservation and deforestation with respect to nature; and write a letter to their mayor, encouraging conservation of a natural space with which the students are familiar.


Hint: If you have a business the answer is yes.

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