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Glenda Freeman is the daughter of an African American military father and Thai mother, growing up in both cultures has shaped her life and art. Born into a mixture of eastern and western cultures that do not always mesh; Buddhism has been both a sanctuary and a well in which to draw strength and clarity within her life.

Glenda’s work is both a reflection of her beliefs and an integral part of her Buddhist path, but also it is the product of Glenda’s life experiences; other times it is the path she uses to work towards samma sankappa (right thinking). Art has always been Glenda’s sanctuary, as a visual learner herself, art has helped her deal with depression and overcome academic challenges.

Art has always been my first love, I am currently offering limited edition reprints of some my favorite paintings I have created throughout the years. I have three different types of photographic prints to choose from: matte, glossy and canvas giclee (not all types are available for every painting).

Using only the best quality of materials you can expect your giclee and photo reprints to last over 60 years in typical home display, over 100 years in dark storage and more than 30 years if displayed unframed.

If you would like a custom painting please send an Inquiry to: art@leverwise.co

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